On the Radio and in Print

On this pages you will find a sampling of the work that I've done for radio and print. The journey has been amazing. I've gotten to meet everyone from childhood heroes like Joe Gibbs and Mark Hamill to world changers like John Kerry, Dwight D. Eisenhauer's clerk, Holocaust survivors,  and Nobel Prize winning scientists. (on the  day they got the word.) Hopefully, I've done these stories justice. I was humbled that I was asked to be the voice of WAMU 88.5 for the Virginia Tech shootings or that the Washington Post asked me to speak on the murder of Redskins' safety Sean Taylor. I am also proud that I've been able to shine a light on some smaller stories that deserved to be celebrated and investigated.









 It's a Stan Lee

Mark Hamill on Bob Anderson
​The Prism

Going Gonzo for Jim Henson

Science, Health & Tech

Can science artificially add memory to brains?

Decoding patterns in prehistoric cave art

Rover Curiosity to investigate Mt. Sharp on Mars

History, Politics, and Commenary

Jewish Mission to Cuba
A Day in the Life of MS
Why I'll Miss:
Washington Post Op-ed on Sean Taylor's Murder
Choosing Not to Let Hate Win: Washington Post Op-ed on Attack on the Holocaust Museum
Following Harriet Tubman
Medically Fragile Foster Care

Can justice be blind when juries are not?

Holocaust survivor, soldier and liberator Bernard Storch

Video games no longer just for zombies

Futurama, Animaniacs, and TMNT Star at Awesome Con 2014

For Bodhana Group sometimes therapy is a roll of the dice

Head transplantation may become a reality

John and Carole Barrowman: From the Page to the Stage & Back again

Indie Publising: Truth or Con

Smithsonian Youths take on Japanese Internment while learning about Cartooning

Cobblestones: Mark Wheatley, a radical trip from HP Lovecraft totheThree Stooges 

Jim Henson from A to Zoe

Kids with food allergies more susceptible to bullying

Scientists hunt for universe's very first rays of light

Study finds trigger for OCD-like behaviors in mice

Soviet lunar rover - english

Neil Armstrong's legacy

Researchers introducing human syntax and semantics to computers

Reality of The Monuments Men

Digitally remastering the brain

Fast food not the key to childhood obesity

Jody Armour discusses the N Word

NLRB Gives Thumbs up to
College Football Unionization

Dynamic nature of the word "minority"

Professor Armour on a Shooting in Oklahoma, Media Responsibility, and Gun Culture

The Line Between Imprisonment and Torture

Americas Teachers Fail to Represent American Mixing Pot

Court tells L A to Take a Hike Homeless Can Sleep in Their Cars

Commentaries and Editorials

Judy Becomes Rose
Bonifant Books
The Real War on Xmas:
Scrooging the Homeless
Hot Fried Hospital ala Mode
Americans Hate Money:
The Penny
The Athlete-Student
GI Bill

Documentaries and Public Radio

Going Gonzo for Jim Henson
Jim Henson from A to Zoe
From Super Heroes to Star  Wars: A Collectable Obsession
Experiencing Antarctica
Ambush Theater