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Once planted, it lives everywhere...
In a place of origins, the first Fairie Ring withers. Worlds die. Wonder fades. As its last ripple reaches out, fell creatures barricade up the few remaining Bald Mushrooms and wars are fought for the right to possess what precious little remains…. Until Derik, a healer, creeps through lines of armies, thorns, and traps to steal one. 


Tying the wonder to his hip in a sack, he finds himself alone on Earth in the gray, declining city of Clarksburg. Without friends, tools, weapons, and even stripped of the ability to read, he must escape pursuit and find refuge for his burden. A burden that stubbornly refuses every attempt to find it a new home. 
Shadows of war are descending and all Derik has to fend it off is a baker, a chemist, a cerulean sweet, and a withered hope. 

The chase is on....from world to world and from the Great Lakes to Malawi. 
Many years ago, Jacque was tricked into selling his last cow to M. Au Paulet
for an amount that wasn’t worth beans.

John, the owner of a small
failing business, is tricked by a strange
little man to sell his company for three
thousand shares of an unknown stock called Beomicroscopy Endoscopic NeuroSurgery.

To his surprise, the BEAN stock grows rapidly.  
So rapidly, in fact, that he finds himself questioned by the FBI, FTC, and practically every organiation with an F in their name.
In order to preserve his name,
John breaks into BEAN headquarters.
Whisked away, John must fight
bureaucrats, dragons, labor unions,
and a very powerful corporate giant.
But despite all the obstacles
John won’t quit...
not ‘til the cows come home.
 In this hilarious play, two couples go to a seance to speak to the spirits of their children before they have children in order to discover if they ever want to have children.
Produced by the Open Book, Salt and Mime Theater Company, and AHHA Productions.